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Our service and maintenance will transform broken/failing equipment back into an original like condition.  Our dedication is to convert old and broken into new and fully operational. 

Our spectrum of competence comprises service of each and every type of industrial valve. 

Our expertise and our specialists are your opportunity to save time and money. Take profit from our special service. Competence, Flexibility and Certified Experience available at our site. 

What is our offer?

ASE GmbH is a leading service and repair facility specialized on industrial valves. We handle each and every type regardless of size and design. Normal control valves, complex security valves or any other type of armature is within our area of competence.

The longer industrial valves are in operation, the more wear and tear causes equipment failure and breakdown. This is when we step in and convert your original equipment back into a state of new like piece of equipment, fully operational and ready to operate another cycle. Get in contact and learn more about us and why you should trust into our service.  

More about our processes! 

Equipment Delivery

Immediately after your equipment is being delivered our initial survey is being initiated. First visual inspection and damage assessment is being executed. Your equipment is being awarded an ASE unique ID and the level of service requirements are being balanced against your requirements. 


Intensive diagnosis will now be executed, and a complete damage assessment will be produced. The next step is a full and intensive assessment which requires complete dismantling of the equipment. Each part will be prepared for the follow up cleaning process. 


With special handling and special treatment including sandblasting dirt, corrosion and medium residues will be completely removed from each and every part of your equipment. 

Diagnosis & Damage Assessment

Intensive diagnosis will now be executed, and the complete damage assessment will be finalized. Original technical data will be obtained and compliance with Original Manufacturer Data (OMD) and Requirements will be verified. A cost estimate will be produced and coordinated with the customer. 

Mechanical Repair & Service

Each and every piece of equipment is uniquely treated by our specialists. Modern equipment and manual handwork treatment is applied by our specialists. We always ensure technical compliance with OMD specs and requirements. OMD certified processes and procedures are being introduced. 

Equipment Assembly

Our specialists will now assemble the equipment and bring it back to a full operational status. Original parts will be used to replace non-repairable pieces. On the other hand are we capable to manually replicate some spareparts on our site thus being able to save costs and time for our customers.

Functional Testing

A certified (AD2000 Standard) and intensive series of functional tests (mechanical functions, pressure testing, electronic testing)  will be applied to each equipment before being send back to the customer.  

Paintwork & Protection

New painting not only looks nice it surfs a purpose – surface protection. We offer all types and colors. We are open for your special requirements i.e. heat protection colors, layer dimensions etc.. 


Complete documentation of all steps, findings and measures is obligatory. Each and every step of our service from arrival to departure is being documented. 

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