How it works

Here you will find the magic ASE steps, how we transform your old and malfunctioning equipment into a new and full operational device.

Declaration of Decontamination

How to complete this essential form!     

A fully completed „Declaration of Decontamination“ is an essential initial step to trigger our service. Without this form – continuation of our service will not be possible.

For every single piece of equipment one form is required. For further questions please get in contact with us.



There are two options how to get your equipment to us   

Option A:
Your take care on all transport arrangements and the equipment is being delivered to us. Reminder: Do not forget to attach the above mentioned "Declaration of Decontamination".

Option B: 
We wilö arrange transport from you into our service center. Requires intensive prior close coordination and contact with our service personnel. Information required comprises:

  • Pick up address
  • Pick up Date and Time
  • Point of contact incl. phone number and Email
  • Package details - type (Palett/Box)
  • Package size (length, width, height (cm)) and weight in kilogram
  • Documentation

Cost Estimate

On the basis of our damage and repair analysis, a detailed cost estimate will be produced and forwarded for further consideration and confirmation of a repair/service order within 1-2 weeks.

The cost estimate includes a cost-benefit analysis a price estimate and the estimated time of service/repair

We then expect your confirmation order to start the service and repair asap.*   

Service & Repair

After receipt of your confirmation and order, we will immediately start with our service and repair process.   

*in case of no repair order after receipt of the cost estimate, we will charge 30% of the standard service cost (as per cost estimate) and potential additional retour-transport cost of the equipment..


Feel free to contact our service personnel who will provide answers to any open question.

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