Our Cooperation Partners

With our longtime trusted cooperations and support from OMD and partners we are able to provide an excellent full service support for our customers. More than thousand enthusiastically satisfied customers from all areas of industry take credit and appreciate our Know-How and perfect service.


A lot of companies all over the world trust in Samson Valves.

ASE GmbH is an exclusively certified “Samson Service Partner”. We appreciated the trust and the label with great pride. It reflects our own high standard of work.

Samson certifies repair and maintenance for a fair price. Get in contact with us and profit as well.


    Our service in regard to control valves is known and broadly recognized. Consequently, we have been awarded a certification as a valued trusted partner of Flowserve equipment in particular on “Steam- and Kämmer-Valves”. 


    For many years we are a close cooperation partner of the Gestra AG, Bremen. 

    Gestra Steam Traps, Pressure Regulators or Check Valves – we are the trusted experts for maintenance and repair. 

    Gestra equipment offers maximum reliability, best solutions on highest technical standard. 

    We take care that these standards are being maintained and i.e. in case of a wear and tear damage are professionally being restored. 


    With more than 800 employees “Leser” is the largest manufacturer and expert in the area of industry safety valves.  

    Leser is market Leader for valves used in branches like chemical industry, petrochemistry, technical gases, oil and gas production, mechanical engineering as well as food and pharma industry. 


    Leser offers security valves for all kinds of industrial applications compliant against DGRL and ASME VIII standards. 

    Our ASE specialists are ready and qualified to service and repair the complex Leser equipment.

      Parker Herl

      Parker Herl is armature equipment “Made in Germany” designed for proper operation in refrigeration systems. 

      We from ASE are certified service partner for Parker Herl Security and Overflow valves. We are trained and authorized for service and maintenance of Parker Herl equipment. 


      Protego Armatures Service and Maintenance requires a high standard of performance for associated service partners. Protego Armatures (model tested protection systems) and ist operation requires an extraordinary level of functional reliability 

      We from ASE are a certified and authorized service partner  – “ PARC (Protego Authorized Repair Center). In this capacity we are able to offer customers qualified regional support in regard to service and maintenance of Protego equipment. 


      Kito equipment is known for its low intensive maintenance requirements.  

      During the process of design modifications and for the purpose of examination certificates regular service and functional testing is required. 

      ASE is a qualified partner of Kito in regard such testing and service measures. Get in contact with us and learn more.


      Pre-vent our partner in regard to high quality measuring and control valves is always a good joice. 

      We are able to provide qualified assistance and consultancy in the planning and design phase of your application.  

      Together with Finze & Wagner Holding GmbH, Pre-Vent is your trusted partner for the complete layout (incl. Hard and software considerations) of any application involving electrical, measuring, control and automation technology.


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