DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Proof of compliance with regulations.

Safety Certificate Contractors

Proof of regulation safety certificate contractors (SCC), version 2011.

TA Luft : 2002-Certifikate

Proof of operating manual / procedures tightness relevant screw connection.

Federal Water Act Certificate

Certified Specialist Manufacturer in accordance with the Federal Water Act (WHG).

Company Information

Decontamincation Declaration Form

Due to legal regulations and safety aspects for our employees and technical installations a Decontamincation Declaration is required for each and every single piece of delivered equipment/valve in advance of the service process. Please attach the completed form (see download chapter) to the equipment prior to delivery. Please note that our service and repair effort will only start, if the Decontamincation Declaration Form is available to us completely filled in.

Exemption Certificate

Exemption from tax deduction in regard to construction services. This is to certify that the recipient of the construction service is exempted from tax deduction after § 48 para. 1 Income Tax Act.

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of ASE GMBH.

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ASE GmbH, Hervorster Str. 171, 47574 Goch

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